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Splendid Nebbiolo wines from Piedmont

With vision and dedication, the brothers Bruno and Marcello Ceretto have transformed their parents' winery legacy and made it a leading producer in the Italian wine landscape. A key moment was their strategic move in the early 1970s when they acquired the crown jewels of the vineyards in Barolo and Barbaresco. Today these locations are either untouchable or unaffordable.
Their portfolio is characterized by fine white and red wines from the Langhe, which reflect the terroir in all its finesse. The family's jewel , Bricco Rocche, sits in the heart of Barolo. It symbolizes a harmonious combination of tradition and progress, art and pragmatism. Barolo wines are produced here exclusively from our own plots. Everyone has their unique signature. The Brunate wine ensnares with its seductive rose scent and violet aroma while the Bricco Rocche combines robust tannins with an elegant severity, wrapped in a gentle embrace, embodying the majestic essence of Barolo.

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