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Producer_Bouvet Ladubay

Bouvet Ladubay from the Loire Valley.

Fine crémants from the Loire Valley

Bouvet Ladubay is rightly considered the leading quality producer for crémants from the Loire Valley . To understand the spirit of this establishment, I'll let Le Chef himself spill a few secrets about his wealth:
"My profession is to create bouquets," reveals Patrice Monmousseau, who, together with his daughter Juliette, controls the fortunes of the Bouvet Ladubay house and also owns this domain. He thinks about the ambience and the environment in which his wines are served For him, wine is a living art in which tradition and the most modern technology have to be combined with wisdom. That's why the first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, whereby the temperature is automatically always maintained at the best level in order to preserve aromas and freshness in the wine to be optimally preserved. Before the wine is bottled for the second fermentation, the crucial moment comes for Patrice: the composition of the base wine . Our own experience and heritage come together and for 90 years - Patrice stands for the third generation - the Monmousseaus have been producing sparkling wines Evidence of an impressively individual signature. The wine then develops character and harmony naturally in the cellars carved out of the tuff stone in an ideal environment before it is ready to be enjoyed after being shaken, disgorged, and once again matched with talent. A luxury item made with care, inspiration and craftsmanship, but which is priced far away from snobbery.

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