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The attention for Swiss wine is unbridled and this is not only proven by MeinWein's sales figures. Sales of domestic wines have increased steadily in recent years and in 2019 they reached over 50% for white wine and around 30% for red wine of the total volume of 2.5 million hectoliters.

The main reasons are, on the one hand, the need for regional products with traceable supply chains and, on the other hand, the significantly increased quality of Swiss wine. The times are long gone when a few producers, more bad than right-wing, were able to make a fortune because of the heavily restricted import volume. Today, a new generation of winemakers is at the helm and they are setting goals that make every consumer's heart beat faster: maximum quality at stable prices.

Personally, I fully believe in the motto “Variety makes life sweeter”. And this includes special Swiss wines from producers that you rarely or never find at other wine retailers. Because they need flexible partners so that their work is not disrupted and they are not exposed to price pressure from large competitors. I am happy to support and promote a select range of winemakers and am in constant contact with them so that I can experience developments in the vines, in the cellar and in the bottle up close.

Cheers, Santé, Salute, Viva!

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