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Zum Sonnengut, Trasadingen

Infectious joy of life and refreshing seriousness

Region : Trasadingen, Canton Schaffhausen
Owners : Ruth von Känel and Hannes Schärer
Cultivated area : 1 hectare (!!!)
Total production : 5000 to 7000 bottles per year
Number of grape varieties : 2

The Swiss wine scene is manageable. So, years ago, I fortunately made the acquaintance of Ruth and Hannes from Trasadingen in Schaffhausen. Their vines thrive in the middle of the renowned Klettgau, where they find ideal conditions to produce high-quality wines in a natural and sustainable manner .

The Sonnengut wine style is the perfect mix of the special features of the two characters: Ruth's infectious joy of life and Hannes' refreshing seriousness. With a small production of an average of 6,000 bottles per year, this lively combination is spread over two grape varieties: the delicate Pinot Noir and the rare, noble Pinot Gris .

The hand-picked Pinot Noir matures in large wooden barrels and impresses with its fruity notes of dark cherries, cassis, a hint of licorice and pepper. The elegant tannins are cleverly surrounded by the acidity typical of the variety and it offers drinking pleasure at a smugly high level.

The Pinot Noir Barrique is the house's reputation and is made with a skilful mix of used and new barriques. The result is a sophisticated, convincingly harmonious and well-structured wine, which exemplifies the pleasant black tea notes, the spicy wood tones and an optimal finish length.

You definitely have to enjoy the rare Pinot Gris or Pinot Gris alongside the red ones. Ruth and Hannes succeed so fantastically with this sensitive and demanding variety every year that I like to call them the queen and king of Pinot Gris . An opulent range of aromas of pink grapefruit, ripe pineapple, pear, apple and magnolia accompany the princely body and are carried by a very mild acidity and a natural residual sweetness as if on clouds. A masterpiece that goes perfectly with a whole range of dishes: almost all types of fish, Asian and vegetarian dishes, seafood or asparagus.

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