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Gehring Winery, Freienstein

Peter Gehring, the man we trust

Region : Freienstein, Canton of Zurich
Owners : Peter and Yvonne Gehring
Cultivated area : 6.6 hectares
Total production : approx. 40,000 bottles per year
Number of grape varieties : 9
Vinification : Vegan

Peter and Yvonne Gehring are among the quiet movers and shakers in the Zurich wine scene. They don't like shouting loudly and spreading themselves on all social media, as they focus entirely on producing good wines and also want to be role models not only for other winemakers, but also for their three daughters.

Nine different varieties are spread over 6.6 hectares of vineyards, with Pinot Noir taking up over half of it. The whites include both the classic Riesling-Sylvaner , including a subtly sweet Auslese , as well as the disease-resistant Seyval Blanc. But the highlight is the seductive Pinot Blanc , a masterpiece in terms of freshness, depth, quality and enjoyment.

When it comes to reds, the focus is on Pinot Noir . The style of the house comes into its own here: unmistakable origin, typical aromatic scent, classic cultivation and skilfully minimal interventions in the vines as well as in the cellar. There is a tasty Pinot Noir , the smooth Spätlese and the refined barrique to choose from.

When the warm season approaches, Federweisse and a rosé come into play and on the table.

What does a good winemaker do with the pomace, which is basically his waste? Of course a fine brandy . The one preferred by MeinWein is the Sauvignon Blanc with an extravagant bouquet of elderflowers, green peppers and gooseberries and a sophisticated, delicately intense palate finish.

And since there is almost always something to celebrate, they also produce an excellent sparkling wine , which is made using the elaborate méthode traditionnelle (second bottle fermentation). His name is Irchelchlöpfer. It goes without saying that you can.....hear him.

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