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Bouvet Ladubay

Fine crémants from the Loire Valley, the best choice...

Region : Saumur, Loire | France
Owner : Family Monmousseau
Vinification : Vegan
Grape varieties for Crémant production: 85% Chenin Blanc and 15% Chardonnay

Bouvet Ladubay is rightly considered the leading quality producer for crémants from the Loire Valley . To understand the spirit of this establishment, I'll let Le Chef himself spill a few secrets about his wealth:

"My profession is to create bouquets," reveals Patrice Monmousseau, who, together with his daughter Juliette, controls the fortunes of the Bouvet Ladubay house and also owns this domain. He thinks about the ambience and the environment in which his wines are served For him, wine is a living art in which tradition and the most modern technology have to be combined with wisdom. That's why the first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, whereby the temperature is automatically always maintained at the best level in order to preserve aromas and freshness in the wine to be optimally preserved. Before the wine is bottled for the second fermentation, the crucial moment comes for Patrice: the composition of the base wine . Our own experience and heritage come together and for 90 years - Patrice stands for the third generation - the Monmousseaus have been producing sparkling wines Evidence of an impressively individual signature. The wine then develops character and harmony naturally and in an ideal environment in the cellars carved out of the tuff stone before it is ready to be enjoyed after being shaken, disgorged, and again matched with talent. A luxury item made with care, inspiration and craftsmanship, but which is priced far away from snobbery.

The selection

Anyone who wants to make a careful selection from Bouvet Ladubay's respectable offering is spoiled for choice. MeinWein imports these crémants itself and is concerned with a representative selection in order to bring you closer to the variety of crémants from the Loire Valley.

By law, all Crémants must obtain their perlage through the Méthode traditionnelle (second bottle fermentation) and thus guarantee a high standard even with the entry-level Cuvée Etienne . In addition, the base wine must mature in the bottle for at least 12 months (18 months for vintage wines) before it is disgorged, dosed and bottled. This is another requirement for fine sparkling wines like those from Bouvet Ladubay.

Our current crémants from Bouvet Ladubay:

Etienne Brut

90% Chenin Blanc, 10% Chardonnay
Base wine aged in stainless steel tanks
12 months bottle aging

Etienne is the showcase for entry into the intoxicating qualities of Bouvet Ladubay. Very fresh, expansive and sophisticated, but at the same time uncomplicated Crémant. The perfect companion for an aperitif or festive occasion among friends. Definitely the inexpensive change for quality-conscious people to Prosecco & Co.

Sapphire Vintage Brut 2020

85% Chenin Blanc, 15% Chardonnay
Base wine aged in stainless steel tanks
20 months bottle aging

Very fresh, racy, balanced and finesse Crémant. The countless awards underline the high quality and allow the sapphire to offer itself as a convincing alternative to the expensive champagnes and Franciacortas .

Instinct Brut 2018

85% Chenin Blanc, 15% Chardonnay
Base wine aged in barriques for 6 months
36 months bottle aging

Bouvet Ladubay demonstrates precise instinct in the creation of this superb Crémant, which no longer needs to hide behind champagne . The fruit is intense, crystal clear and complex, the perlage is very creamy and delicate and the taste is incredibly refreshing, harmonious and of an exceptional, lasting dimension.

Extra Brut zero 2019

85% Chenin Blanc, 15% Chardonnay
Base wine aged in barriques for 6 months
36 months bottle aging

Crisp, dry, without any palpable sweetness, that's the cuvée 'Brut Zéro'
by Bouvet Ladubay. After the bottle fermentation and maturation period, the Brut
No sweetened dosage is added to Zéro, but the bottles are made according to the
Disgorgement topped up with the same sparkling wine. The result is
a crystal clear, puristic crémant for fans of the very dry line.

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