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Producer_Le Rhyton d'Or

Le Rhyton d'Or, Leytron, Valais

Valais women's power

Valais offers one of the most impressive diversity of grape varieties and wine styles - anywhere in the world! In 2011, while looking for a representative Valais producer, I came across this family business, which was founded in 1848. It was very worth it! Because times are changing. Even though tragic events such as the early death of Monsieur Défayes were a heavy burden on the company, today's women's power was able to turn things around. With courage, assertiveness, enormous knowledge and a constant love of nature, they have literally catapulted the winery back into shape.

A total of eleven different grape varieties are grown and each one receives the necessary care and skill to determine the ideal cuts and optimal harvest times with minimal interference with nature. In the cellar, things continue with great sensitivity and large wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks as well as barriques for the Coeur de Roche line are used for the reds. For the whites, of course, the credo is to keep the wonderful natural scent and the typical palate ticklers as pure as possible in order to express these characteristics unvarnished.

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